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The SCA's mandate is to research and recreate the Middle Ages. This effort can take many forms, from personal research to formal classes at Arts & Science meetings and at University of Tir Righ courses. Those new to Appledore are encouraged to try their hand at skills that interest them and those experienced members of Appledore are encouraged to teach their particular skills. Below are some links to various research related websites ...
University of Tir Righ
the official website for the the Prinicpality of Tir Righ's University
Research sites
~ "Turning the Pages"; actual period manucscripts online
~ an online historic resource encyclopedia from the Church's point of view
~ a site devoted to the renaissance in England
~ Folk Music of England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales & America
~ a collection of historic food links assembled as a timeline
~ an excellent resource for period recipes and information on period foods
~ maps of England by John Speed (1552-1629)
~ an online course for beginner's Latin
~ a collection of historic recipes and document translations
~ a starter point for choosing a persona name
~ a rich resource of Medieval Technology from agriculture to windmills
~ a collection of historic dances and sheet music
a directory of educational material regarding SCA Heraldry and the SCA College of Arms
Sevrin's project chronicling Florence during the 15th century
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